How to Create, Edit, and Delete Zones

how to create edit and delete zones ss.png

To create, edit and delete zones, go to the Inventory Hub, then go to the Zones fuse.  The Zones fuse is where you can manage all of your restaurant’s zones.

To create a new zone, in the Zones box select “New…” and the new zone dialog box will appear.  Enter the name for the zone then select done.

Your new zone will appear in the zones box.  To add items to a zone, select the zone, then at the bottom select “Add Item(s)”.  The Add Items dialog box will appear.  From here you can search for specific items, or you can look through different categories that sort your items.  Simply find the items you wan to add, select them, and when you are finished select add items.

To remove an item from a zone click the red trash can to the right of the item, and to delete a zone completely select the zone then at the bottom select Delete Zone.

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