How to Take a Count


When using Eyenalyze, we refer to the action of counting your restaurant’s inventory as taking a count.  To take a count, from the Dashboard go to the Inventory Hub, then go to the Count fuse.

Dashboard -> Inventory Hub -> Count

The Count fuse acts as your clipboard when taking a count.  Begin by adding a page.  Select Add, and the Add Item dialog box will appear.  From here you can select different categories and select the items within them.  Specifically you can select zones that you have set up, and the items in that zone will populate to the right.  From here you can add specific items, or at the bottom you can select “Load Zone” to add every item in that zone to your clipboard.

When taking a count, simply select the item and enter the item count.  Users can enter whole cases, whole packs, or partial packs depending on the item.

Once you are finished taking your count, we recommend that you remove all zero items from your list before you submit.  To remove all zero items select “Remove” and choose “All Zero Items”. To finish your count select submit, and the options dialog box will appear.  Enter your signature and any noes you have for the count, and when you are finished select submit.  After submitting you will be taken to a review page for your count where you can view an assortment of information about your count and review it to ensure it was accurate.

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