Inventory Zones, Count, and History Fuse Overview

Dashboard -> Inventory Hub

The Zones, Count, and History fuse work together to manage your restaurant’s inventory.

The Zones fuse makes the inventory process for your restaurant simple and efficient.  Putting items that are stored in the same area or on the same shelf in the same zone allows for the user to select a specific zone when taking inventory and the items there will already be on your list.  For more information on zones please see the tutorial on how to create, edit, and delete zones.

The Count fuse is used after you have set up your zones and are ready to take inventory.  The Eyenalyze count system allows for users to use the zones they have created to take an inventory of the items in their restaurant.  For more information on counts, please see the tutorial on how to take a count.

After a count is taken it will appear in the History fuse.  The History fuse is a complete list of all past inventory counts that you can view and manage.

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