Profit Hub Overview

profit hub overview ss.png

Within Eyenalyze there are four hubs used to manage your restaurant.  In this tutorial we will be focusing on the Profit Hub, represented by the color green.  

On the Dashboard, the Profit Hub shows your estimated bottom line for the designated date range.  You can navigate to the Profit Hub by clicking the Profit header, or you can access a specific fuse within the Profit Hub directly by clicking the chevron drop down menu, and selecting the desired fuse.  

Within the profit hub there is the Profit & Loss fuse, the Fixed Costs fuse, and the Reports fuse.  

The Profit & Loss fuse breaks down your restaurant’s profitability and gives you an estimated bottom line for your restaurant.  

The Fixed Costs fuse allows users to manage fixed costs for their restaurant.  

The Reports fuse allows owners and managers to create robust reports for their restaurant.  There are various graphs and summaries you can choose to generate a report for.

Below the Profit fuse panel you can view your restaurant’s estimated bottom line for yesterday, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days, along with a graphical representation of the sales and costs for your restaurant.