How to Export Payroll

Eyenalyze makes exporting your payroll  that is pulled from your point of sales system simple and easy.  If you have not set up your payroll, or ensured that payroll ID’s are assigned to your employees, please view the tutorials on how to do so before exporting your payroll.

Dashboard -> Labor Hub -> Payroll Export

To export your data using Eyenalyze, from the Dashboard, go to the Labor Hub, then select the Payroll Export fuse.  Locate the pay period you would like to export, then press “Select.”  A payroll report will appear showing an overview of the employees receiving pay in this pay period.  You can quickly check if the hours match your point of sales system, and if they do, select “Accept” and choose the format you wish to export your data in.  Select “Download” and the file will download into your downloads folder, which you can then import into your payroll provider’s system.  

How to Assign Payroll ID’s to Employees

Before assigning payroll ID’s to employees, it is important that you have set up your payroll process in Eyenalyze.  If you have not done so, please view the tutorial on How to Setup Payroll. 

Before exporting your payroll to a payroll provider, such as Proliant, it is important to make sure that every employee receiving hours has a payroll ID assigned to them.  This is important to ensure that your payroll exports correctly.  

The point of sales system is the driving force for payroll, so we advise you to edit your pay rates on your point of sales system, and let it automatically populate Eyenalyze to keep your information consistent on both.  

Dashboard -> Labor Hub -> Payroll Export -> Switch view to Payroll ID

What is important to check on Eyenalyze is that every employee that receives hours has a payroll ID.  You will have to enter these on the Eyenalyze system.  The best way to determine if someone is receiving hours but does not have a payroll ID is to go to your Labor Hub, and go to the Payroll Export fuse.  Here you can select a specific payroll export.  Switch the view to Payroll ID, and here you can see which employees are receiving hours but lack a Payroll ID.  Make a quick list of anyone that does not have a Payroll ID, then go back to the employees fuse, locate those people, and assign a payroll ID to them.

Once you have set up your payroll, and assigned payroll ID’s to your employees, you will be ready to export your payroll.  If you do not know how to do so, please view the tutorial on How to Export Payroll.  

How to Setup Payroll

how to setup payroll ss.png

Eyenalyze provides an easy to use payroll system that pulls payroll information from your point of sales system, and enables you to view and edit your payroll directly through Eyenalyze.  

Dashboard -> Labor Hub -> Settings

To set up your payroll parameters, from the dashboard go to the Labor Hub, then go to Settings.  In the General Section you can set up your overtime rate, and when you would like Eyenalyze to give you an overtime notification if you choose to do that.  

In the Payroll section you can choose your payroll provider.  For this example we will use Proliant.  You can specify your payroll tax which Eyenalyze will use to calculate your labor costs on the Dashboard.  You can select which pay period you use for your restaurant, and as you change your pay period, the options to customize your pay period will change below.  For example if you use a bi-monthly pay period, you can select which date range you would like to use for your pay period.  

In the Employees section you can view all of your employees present in your point of sales system.  Here you can view whether an employee is on a salary, or paid hourly.  You can also choose to exclude specific employees from your payroll, for example if they have an unpaid or training position, or exclude them cite-wide if they are no longer with you.  

Once you have set up all of these credentials in the eyenalyze system, you can export your payroll from Eyenalyze to your payroll provider.  Before doing so, make sure that you have assigned a Payroll ID to each employee.  If you have not done this, please view the tutorial on How to Assign Payroll ID’s to employees.  

Labor Hub Overview


Within Eyenalyze there are four hubs used to manage your restaurant.  In this tutorial, we will be focusing on the Labor Hub, represented by the color red.

On the dashboard, the Labor Hub shows the labor cost percentage for the designated date range.  You can navigate to the Labor Hub by clicking the labor header, or you can access a specific fuse within the Labor Hub directly by clicking the chevron drop down menu, and selecting the desired fuse.

Within the Labor Hub, there is the Employees, Timesheet, Payroll Export, and Transfers fuse.  

The Employees fuse shows all of your employees along with their job, payroll ID,  and salary or pay rate.  It is common that employees may be listed multiple times depending on if they serve multiple roles for your restaurant.  

The Timesheet fuse by default shows yesterday’s clock in and clock out time, hours, overtime, and tips for each employee.  Like other functions in Eyenalyze, this information can be customized by changing the date range.  

The Payroll Export fuse allows users to export and download payroll information to a payroll provider or in a manual format.  

The Labor Transfers fuse allows users to transfer employees or their individual shifts between restaurants in a chain.  

Below the labor fuse panel you can view your restaurant’s labor cost percentage for yesterday, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days, along with graphical representations for this data.