Inventory Price Trends Fuse Overview

invenotry price trends fuse overview ss.pngThe Price Trends fuse is located in the Inventory Hub, and it tracks the changes in price of your vendor items as they appear in Eyenalyze.

The Price Alerts box shows your inventory items in alphabetical order from the past two weeks.  you can see the item, vendor, and what the price is currently compared to what the price was before it changed to the current price.

The Price History box shows a graphical representation of the last 25 changes in price for a specific item.  Some item’s price does not change often and will have only a few price dots on the graph, while other item’s price changes constantly and will have many dots on the graph.

Note that this graph does not show the quantity or how often an item is ordered.  This graph only shows each time that the price for specific items have changed

The All Items box shows all of the items that have been ordered and information for each item including the date of the last invoice it was ordered on and the current price of the item based on the last invoice.

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