Labor Hub Overview


Within Eyenalyze there are four hubs used to manage your restaurant.  In this tutorial, we will be focusing on the Labor Hub, represented by the color red.

On the dashboard, the Labor Hub shows the labor cost percentage for the designated date range.  You can navigate to the Labor Hub by clicking the labor header, or you can access a specific fuse within the Labor Hub directly by clicking the chevron drop down menu, and selecting the desired fuse.

Within the Labor Hub, there is the Employees, Timesheet, Payroll Export, and Transfers fuse.  

The Employees fuse shows all of your employees along with their job, payroll ID,  and salary or pay rate.  It is common that employees may be listed multiple times depending on if they serve multiple roles for your restaurant.  

The Timesheet fuse by default shows yesterday’s clock in and clock out time, hours, overtime, and tips for each employee.  Like other functions in Eyenalyze, this information can be customized by changing the date range.  

The Payroll Export fuse allows users to export and download payroll information to a payroll provider or in a manual format.  

The Labor Transfers fuse allows users to transfer employees or their individual shifts between restaurants in a chain.  

Below the labor fuse panel you can view your restaurant’s labor cost percentage for yesterday, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days, along with graphical representations for this data.  

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