How to Upload a Chart of Accounts

Sales -> Quickbooks -> Edit Menu -> Quickbooks Upload

Sales Tutorials - Uploading a Chart of Accounts.png

The first step for setting up accounting features in Eyenalyze is to upload a chart of accounts.  The Edit Menu in the Quickbooks Fuse allows for a Quickbooks Upload. There is an option to browse files and locate a chart of accounts, which should be a .iif file, the standard for importing and exporting in Quickbooks.  After uploading the chart of accounts file, save changes, and the Quickbooks Fuse will populate with the chart of accounts.

The final step is to map the chart of accounts.  This step is only required to be completed once for a restaurant.  You do not have to save after each entry, but you must save in order to apply the changes.  

If more advanced accounting options are needed, please see the tutorial on using the Advanced Accounting view.

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