Sales Hub Overview

Dashboard -> Sales Hub

Sales Tutorials - Sales Hub Overview.png

The Sales Hub is the home for accounting and cash flow functionality.  Within the Sales Hub there is the Accounting, Credit Card Tracker, Cash Flow, Quickbooks, and Quickbooks Export Fuse.  

The Accounting Fuse provides a summary of transactions including net sales, voids, and payments due, along with more information used for accounting purposes.

The Credit Card Tracker Fuse reconciles credit card sales from a POS with data from the credit card payment processor to verify totals.  

The Cash Flow Fuse (also commonly called a cash count or cash audit) provides information on day to day operations within a restaurant.  

The Quickbooks Fuse manages the chart of accounts for a restaurant, as well as importing and exporting data to accounting software, such as Quickbooks.

The Quickbook Exports Fuse automatically downloads a restaurant’s accounting information to a .iif file.  

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