How to Assign Payroll ID’s to Employees

Before assigning payroll ID’s to employees, it is important that you have set up your payroll process in Eyenalyze.  If you have not done so, please view the tutorial on How to Setup Payroll. 

Before exporting your payroll to a payroll provider, such as Proliant, it is important to make sure that every employee receiving hours has a payroll ID assigned to them.  This is important to ensure that your payroll exports correctly.  

The point of sales system is the driving force for payroll, so we advise you to edit your pay rates on your point of sales system, and let it automatically populate Eyenalyze to keep your information consistent on both.  

Dashboard -> Labor Hub -> Payroll Export -> Switch view to Payroll ID

What is important to check on Eyenalyze is that every employee that receives hours has a payroll ID.  You will have to enter these on the Eyenalyze system.  The best way to determine if someone is receiving hours but does not have a payroll ID is to go to your Labor Hub, and go to the Payroll Export fuse.  Here you can select a specific payroll export.  Switch the view to Payroll ID, and here you can see which employees are receiving hours but lack a Payroll ID.  Make a quick list of anyone that does not have a Payroll ID, then go back to the employees fuse, locate those people, and assign a payroll ID to them.

Once you have set up your payroll, and assigned payroll ID’s to your employees, you will be ready to export your payroll.  If you do not know how to do so, please view the tutorial on How to Export Payroll.  

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