How to Export Payroll

Eyenalyze makes exporting your payroll  that is pulled from your point of sales system simple and easy.  If you have not set up your payroll, or ensured that payroll ID’s are assigned to your employees, please view the tutorials on how to do so before exporting your payroll.

Dashboard -> Labor Hub -> Payroll Export

To export your data using Eyenalyze, from the Dashboard, go to the Labor Hub, then select the Payroll Export fuse.  Locate the pay period you would like to export, then press “Select.”  A payroll report will appear showing an overview of the employees receiving pay in this pay period.  You can quickly check if the hours match your point of sales system, and if they do, select “Accept” and choose the format you wish to export your data in.  Select “Download” and the file will download into your downloads folder, which you can then import into your payroll provider’s system.  

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