Inventory Hub – Menu Fuse – Overview

Dashboard -> Inventory Hub -> Menu Fuse

The Menu Fuse allows users to view menu items, recipes, and evaluate how they have changed over time.

ss menu fuse last 30 days box.png

The Last 30 Days box shows information for top menu items with linked recipes.  The Sales tab shows total sales, the Quantity tab shows quantity sold, and the Profit tab shows profit gained from each menu item.  This is calculated by subtracting food costs from sales for each item.

Below the Last 30 Days box are menu categories.  These are the same categories shown under the Sales Tab on the Dashboard.  Each category can be expanded to see the menu items within that category. Each menu item with a linked recipe has a food cost percentage shown on the right side of the chart.  If the food cost is less than 35% of the sales price on the menu item then the bar will appear green. If the food cost percentage exceeds 35% the bar will turn yellow, and if the food cost percentage exceeds 40% the bar will turn red.  If a menu item does not have a recipe linked then “No Recipe” will populate instead of a percentage.

ss menu items.png

Each menu item with a recipe can also be expanded to see further analytics.  Under the recipes tab a breakdown of the ingredients and how much each item currently costs to produce is shown, as well as a graph showing the history of the total cost for that menu item.  A history of the cost for each ingredient for the menu item can be viewed below the graph.

ss recipe analytics.png

The pricing tab shows how the food cost percentage is calculated, along with price settings.

ss menu item pricing.png

The Stats tab shows further statistics for the menu item, including graphs for the quantity sold and sales information at each price for the last 30 days.  Below the graphs are charts showing information for yesterday, the last 15 days, and the last 30 days.

ss menu item stats.png


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