Inventory Invoices Fuse Overview

Dashboard -> Inventory Hub -> Invoices

The Invoices Fuse is the home for all electronic, manual, and transferred invoices.  

Invoices are populated according to the date range set at the top of the page.  On the left side of the Invoice Info box is the invoice date, invoice number, and vendor information.  Under the total column is the total for the invoice. Some invoice totals will be a negative number because Eyenalyze records credits along with purchases from a vendor.  

Manual invoices are specified in the bottom right corner of the Invoice Info box with the name of the user responsible for entry.  

The Import Invoice dropdown menu allows for a Vendor Order Guide, PFG Menu Analysis, Clarifiable Menu Analysis, and Import History.  

To create a Manual Invoice select “Create Manual Invoice” towards the top right corner.  For more information on manual invoices, please view the How to Create a Manual Invoice tutorial.  

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